5th meeting of the Belgian presidency in Copenhagen

[en] The fifth meeting of the Belgian presidency took place on the 5th to 8th of March 2019 in Denmark at the Nyholm naval base in Copenhagen. During the meeting, the next general-secretary of CISOR was elected. SWO (OR-8) Matthias BLAZEK of Germany will hold the position during the Swiss (2020–2022) and German (2022–2024) presidencies. Congratulations, Matthias!

[fr] La cinquième réunion de la présidence belge s’est tenue du 5 au 8 mars 2019 au Danemark à la base navale de Nyholm à Copenhague. Durant la réunion, le prochain secrétaire-général de CISOR fut élu. L’adjudant sous-officier (OR-8) Matthias BLAZEK de l’Allemagne occupera la position durant les présidences suisse (2020–2022) et allemande (2022–2024). Félicitations, Matthias!

Photos: Martin-Éric Racine

4th meeting of the Belgian presidency and Young NCO Workshop in Oirschot

[en] The fourth meeting of the Belgian presidency took place on the 9th to 13th of October 2019 in the Netherlands at the 13th Light Infantry Brigade in Oirschot. CISOR’s first-ever Young Reserve NCO Workshop took place simultaneously. The workshop was organized by the Netherlands’ Reserve based on their existing training material. The delegates and young NCOs also visited the war museum of Overloon.

[fr] La quatrième réunion de la présidence belge s’est tenue du 9 au 13 octobre 2019 aux Pays-Bas à la 13e brigade d’infanterie lègère de Oirschot. Le tout premier Atelier pour jeunes sous-officiers de réserve de CISOR s’y est tenu simultanément. L’atelier fut organisé par la réserve des Pays-Bas basé sur leur matériel existent. Les délégués et jeunes sous-officiers furent également une visite au musée de la guerre à Overloon.

Photos: Martin-Éric Racine


Signature of the MOU between CIOR and CISOR

[en] A delegation of CISOR members attended the Summer Congress of CIOR in Tallinn, Estonia, on the first week of August 2019. During their visit, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between CIOR and CISOR was signed. Delegates also attended various events (MILCOMP, seminars, etc.) to further evaluate concrete collaboration possibilities.

[fr] Une délégation de membres de CISOR a participé au Congrès estival de CIOR à Tallinn, Estonie, durant la première semaine d’août 2019. Durant leur visite, le Mémorandum d’accord (MDA) entre CIOR et CISOR fut ratifié. Les délégués ont assisté à diverses activités (MILCOMP, séminaires, etc.) pour mieux évaluer les possibilités de collaboration.

[en] Delegates standing in country formation during the opening ceremonies. On the left, CISOR president Michel D’Alessandro. In white, Canadian VP David Arsenault.
[fr] Délégués debout en formation nationale durant les cérémonies d’ouverture. À gauche, le président de CISOR Michel D’Alessandro. En blanc, le VP canadien David Arsenault.
Photo: Martin-Éric Racine / CISOR

[en] Presidents of CISOR (left: Michel d’Alessandro) and CIOR (right: Chris Argent) shaking hands after the MOU signature.
[fr] Les présidents de CISOR (gauche: Michel d’Alessandro) et CIOR (droite: Chris Argent) se serrant la main suite à la signature du MDA.
Photo: MAJ Jean-François Lambert / CIOR

3rd meeting of the Belgian presidency and Military Skills Competition in Säkylä

The CISOR Military Skills Competition 2019 started today at the Pori Brigade in Säkylä. The competition lasts from the 28th of June till the 29th of June. The first day featured obstacle course, pistol and riffle shooting, and orienteering.

During the competitions, a short Central Committee meeting was held and resulted in the approval of the United Kingdom as a full-standing member of CISOR.

2nd meeting of the Belgian presidency in Hannover

[en] The second meeting of the Belgian presidency took place on the 8th to 10th of February 2019 in Germany at the Military Police Academy in Hanover. The meeting also featured a daytrip to the Munster to visit the Armored Museum and hold that day’s sessions at the officers’ club of the Armored Brigade. This meeting marked the acceptance of Canada and Estonia as full-standing members of CISOR.

[fr] La seconde réunion de la présidence belge s’est tenue du 8 au 10 février 2019 en Allemagne à l’Académie de la police militaire à Hanovre. La réunion a également inclut une randonnée à Munster pour visiter le Musée des blindés et tenir les séances de la journée au club des officiers de la Brigade blindée. Cette réunion fut marquée par l’acceptation du Canada et de l’Estonie comme membres à part entière de CISOR.

Photos: Martin-Éric Racine


1st meeting of the Belgian presidency in Helsinki

[en] The first Central Committee meeting of the Belgian presidency was held in Helsinki.
[fr] La première réunion du Comité Central de la présidence belge fut tenue à Helsinki.
Photos: Martin-Éric Racine

[en] The national anthems of Belgium and Finland were played at the opening ceremony.
[fr] Les hymnes nationaux de Belgique et Finlande furent joués lors de la cérémonie d’ouverture.

[en] This Central Committee meeting saw the arrival of several new delegates and observers. To the left, members of the new Swiss delegation, Jean-François Villettaz, Germain Beuclair and Daniel Wampfler. To the right of Canada’s David Arsenault, USA observer James Center and Estonian observer Kaur Lillipuu.

[fr] Cette réunion du Comité Central a marqué l’arrivée de plusieurs nouveaux délégués et observateurs. À gauche, les membres de la nouvelles délégation suisse, Jean-François Villettaz, Germain Beuclair et Daniel Wampfler. À droite du canadien David Arsenault, l’observateur des USA James Center et celui de l’Estonie Kaur Lillipuu.

CISOR presidency handed over to Belgium in Rovaniemi

CISOR presidency handed over to Belgium in Rovaniemi

CISOR presidency handed over to Belgium

The presidency hand-over took place at the Jaeger Brigade in Rovaniemi yesterday at 04:00 pm when the president of the Finnish Reservist’s Association, Ilpo Pohjola, handed the official flag of CISOR to the President of the Royal national union of reserve NCO of Belgium, Michel d’Alessandro.

E-learning and work methodology took remarkable steps forward under the Finnish presidency, an achievement that outgoing president Ilpo Pohjola was pleased with.

–  Our most important goals were a more productive organization, greater effectiveness, enhanced communication and a joint training program. We can say that CISOR has improved its operations in these all areas.

The new president, Michel d’Alessandro, wants to continue to further develop further this work.

– The Finnish Presidency was commensurate in bringing professionalism and modernism in managing CISOR. The Finnish presidency has also set important milestones in giving a real added-value in what we can offer to NCO reservists of the member countries.

In addition to continuing CISOR’s internal work, Belgium also wants to develop co-operation with other international bodies.

– We want to achieve full recognition by NRFC (NATO Reserve Force Committee) and be considered a valuable partner in all matters related to the deployment of reserve forces, specifically NCO’s, d’Alessandro stated.In years to come Belgium, also wants to strengthen official co-operation with the reserve officer organization CIOR in E-learning and civil–military co-operation. Among the other priorities of the Belgian presidency is finalizing the full membership of the current observer countries Estonia and Canada.




Central Commitee meeting in Turku

Central Commitee meeting in Turku

The accommodations at the Pansio naval base on a typical winter evening. Photo: Anni Pitko.

Two of our local organizers, Kimmo Kiiveri and Sari Mastromarino.
Both served as drivers during the weekend. Kiiveri also provided a fair amount of pictures documenting this particular meeting.
Mastomarino is one of many Finnish civilians that have voluntarily joined MPK and trained for a military task.

The delegates assembled in the harbour for the raising of the flag. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine

A presentation about the Coastal Fleet's operation was given by commodore Erkki Mikkola. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

Delegates listening to commodore Mikkola's presentation at the naval officers' club. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

A familiar face from the military penthatlon at Vekaranjärvi, Olli Alho returned to help with the photographic duty. Photo: Kimmo Kiiveri.

Estonian observers Aare Jamnes and Ott Aarma on the deck of a naval ship. Photo: Olli Alho.

Delegates on the quay of the Costal Fleet's harbour in Pansio. Photo: Kimmo Kiiveri.

Delegates visiting the exhibition af the Forum Marinum naval museum. Photo: Kimmo Kiiveri.

Legal Commission chairman Annukka Jokipii telling the Central Committee about the latest changes to the Statutes and Internal Regulations. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

Jari Multisilta returned to report on his progresses in the e-learning platform project. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

Delegates gathered for a group picture before calling it a night after the gala dinner at the naval officers' club.

Central Committee Meeting in Sodankylä

Central Committee Meeting in Sodankylä

The second event of the Finnish CISOR presidency was held in Sodankylä from February 9th to 12th 2017.

In addition to attending the Central Committee meeting, the delegates had the opportunity to witness elements of the Jaeger Brigade's arctic combat training, as well as the conscripts' swearing-in ceremony.

After a raising of the flag to Lapland's dark winter morning, delegates gather for a group photo in front of the Joutselän memorial monument.

CISOR Congress 2016 in Santahamina

This year CISOR Congress was in Santahamina, in the National Defence University of Finland. The theme for the congress was "Finnish Defence System".

Finnish Reservists' Association host CISOR Presidency in the years 2016 - 2018. The opening congress arranged in Santahamina October 15th. There were present President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö and the Defence Forces Commander, General Jarmo Lindberg. The national President of Finnish Reservists' Association Mikko Savola was opening the congress.

Finland's defense solution congress was organized in cooperation with the National Defence University, which was held in the auditorium of it. The event attracted a couple of hundred listeners.

Finland's defense solution congress was built to an exceptionally high level program. The peak of the event was the speech of Sauli Niinistö, President of the Republic of Finland. Sauli Niinistö praised in his speech Finnish Reservists' Association but at the same time expressed his concern about the world's trouble spots. Also the Commander of the Defence Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg spoke in the congress.

The National Defence University premises had accumulated an exceptionally broad and high-level group of invited guests, which included dozens of CISOR memeber organizations representatives from all over Europe.