2020–2022 Swiss presidency


President of CISOR
Adj.Sof (OR-8) Germain BEUCLER

Vice-President for Switzerland
Sgtm (OR-6) Jean-François VILLETTAZ

Chairman of the Trainings & Regulations' Commission
App (OR-2) Rolf GURTNER

Chairman of the Exercises & Competitions' Commission
Sgt (OR-5) Daniel WAMPFLER

App (OR-2) Michel DEDERDING

Liaison to CIOR/CIOMR
Adj (OR-8) Michel d'ALESSANDRO (Belgium)

General Secretary
StFw (OR-8) Matthias BLAZEK (Germany)


1. Central Committee & Young Reserve NCO Workshop

Place: Switzerland, Spiez
Time: 7–10 October 2020

2. Central Committee (joint event with CIOR)

Place: Germany
Time: February 2021

3. Central Committee & Military Skills Competition

Place: Switzerland, Bremgarten
Time: 5–9 May 2021