3rd meeting of the Belgian presidency and Military Skills Competition in Säkylä

The CISOR Military Skills Competition 2019 started today at the Pori Brigade in Säkylä. The competition lasts from the 28th of June till the 29th of June. The first day featured obstacle course, pistol and riffle shooting, and orienteering.

During the competitions, a short Central Committee meeting was held and resulted in the approval of the United Kingdom as a full-standing member of CISOR.

1st meeting of the Belgian presidency in Helsinki

[en] The first Central Committee meeting of the Belgian presidency was held in Helsinki.
[fr] La première réunion du Comité Central de la présidence belge fut tenue à Helsinki.
Photos: Martin-Éric Racine

[en] The national anthems of Belgium and Finland were played at the opening ceremony.
[fr] Les hymnes nationaux de Belgique et Finlande furent joués lors de la cérémonie d’ouverture.

[en] This Central Committee meeting saw the arrival of several new delegates and observers. To the left, members of the new Swiss delegation, Jean-François Villettaz, Germain Beuclair and Daniel Wampfler. To the right of Canada’s David Arsenault, USA observer James Center and Estonian observer Kaur Lillipuu.

[fr] Cette réunion du Comité Central a marqué l’arrivée de plusieurs nouveaux délégués et observateurs. À gauche, les membres de la nouvelles délégation suisse, Jean-François Villettaz, Germain Beuclair et Daniel Wampfler. À droite du canadien David Arsenault, l’observateur des USA James Center et celui de l’Estonie Kaur Lillipuu.

CISOR presidency handed over to Belgium in Rovaniemi

CISOR presidency handed over to Belgium in Rovaniemi

CISOR presidency handed over to Belgium

The presidency hand-over took place at the Jaeger Brigade in Rovaniemi yesterday at 04:00 pm when the president of the Finnish Reservist’s Association, Ilpo Pohjola, handed the official flag of CISOR to the President of the Royal national union of reserve NCO of Belgium, Michel d’Alessandro.

E-learning and work methodology took remarkable steps forward under the Finnish presidency, an achievement that outgoing president Ilpo Pohjola was pleased with.

–  Our most important goals were a more productive organization, greater effectiveness, enhanced communication and a joint training program. We can say that CISOR has improved its operations in these all areas.

The new president, Michel d’Alessandro, wants to continue to further develop further this work.

– The Finnish Presidency was commensurate in bringing professionalism and modernism in managing CISOR. The Finnish presidency has also set important milestones in giving a real added-value in what we can offer to NCO reservists of the member countries.

In addition to continuing CISOR’s internal work, Belgium also wants to develop co-operation with other international bodies.

– We want to achieve full recognition by NRFC (NATO Reserve Force Committee) and be considered a valuable partner in all matters related to the deployment of reserve forces, specifically NCO’s, d’Alessandro stated.In years to come Belgium, also wants to strengthen official co-operation with the reserve officer organization CIOR in E-learning and civil–military co-operation. Among the other priorities of the Belgian presidency is finalizing the full membership of the current observer countries Estonia and Canada.