The accommodations at the Pansio naval base on a typical winter evening. Photo: Anni Pitko.

Two of our local organizers, Kimmo Kiiveri and Sari Mastromarino.
Both served as drivers during the weekend. Kiiveri also provided a fair amount of pictures documenting this particular meeting.
Mastomarino is one of many Finnish civilians that have voluntarily joined MPK and trained for a military task.

The delegates assembled in the harbour for the raising of the flag. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine

A presentation about the Coastal Fleet's operation was given by commodore Erkki Mikkola. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

Delegates listening to commodore Mikkola's presentation at the naval officers' club. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

A familiar face from the military penthatlon at Vekaranjärvi, Olli Alho returned to help with the photographic duty. Photo: Kimmo Kiiveri.

Estonian observers Aare Jamnes and Ott Aarma on the deck of a naval ship. Photo: Olli Alho.

Delegates on the quay of the Costal Fleet's harbour in Pansio. Photo: Kimmo Kiiveri.

Delegates visiting the exhibition af the Forum Marinum naval museum. Photo: Kimmo Kiiveri.

Legal Commission chairman Annukka Jokipii telling the Central Committee about the latest changes to the Statutes and Internal Regulations. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

Jari Multisilta returned to report on his progresses in the e-learning platform project. Photo: Martin-Éric Racine.

Delegates gathered for a group picture before calling it a night after the gala dinner at the naval officers' club.