CISOR Presidency

The presidency of CISOR is assumed for two consecutive years in rotation by each of the associations representing the member nations.

Switzerland took over the presidency of CISOR on September 29th 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Liaison to CIOR/CIOMR is elected for one presidency.

Michel d'ALESSANDRO was elected as Liaison to CIOR/CIOMR on September 29th 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The General Secretary is elected for two consecutive presidencies.

Matthias BLAZEK was elected as General Secretary on March 7th 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Presidency Team for 2020-2022

President of CISOR
Adj.Sof (OR-8) Germain BEUCLER

Vice-President for Switzerland
Sgtm (OR-6) Jean-François VILLETTAZ

Chairman of the Trainings & Regulations' Commission (ex-Legal)
App (OR-2) Rolf GURTNER

Chairman of the Exercises & Competitions' Commission (ex-Technical)
Sgt (OR-5) Daniel WAMPFLER

App (OR-2) Michel DEDERDING

Liaison to CIOR/CIOMR
Adj (OR-8) Michel d'ALESSANDRO (Belgium)

General Secretary
StFw (OR-8) Matthias BLAZEK (Germany)

Postal Address for 2020-2022

c/o Germain Beucler
Chaindon 30
CH 2732 Reconvilier