2012–2014 French presidency


President of CISOR
CWO (OR-9) Philippe COGAN

Chairman of the Legal Commission
CWO (OR-9) Bernard WOHMANN

Chairman of the Technical Commission
SWO (OR-8) Charlie ARNOULT

General Secretary

Office Manager
(civilian) François-Xavier GICQUEL


1. Central Committee

Place: Paris, hotel
Time: 2–3 February 2012

2. Congress

Place: Strasbourg, hotel
Time: 21–22 June 2012

3. Central Committee

Place: Brest, Naval Base
Time: 18–21 October 2012

4. Central Committee

Place: Toulon, Navy Arsenal
Time: 21–23 Feburary 2013

5. Military Skills Competiton

Place: Draguignan, Military College
Time: 9–12 July 2013

6. Central Committee

Place: Toulouse, Perignon Garrison of the 14th Infantry Regiment
Time: 17–19 October 2013

7. Central Committee

Place: Nantes, CIRFA Military Recruitmnent Center
Time: 20–23 February 2014

8. Central Committee & Presidency Hand-Over

Place: Paris, Fort de l'Est
Time: June 2014