In concert with the international and national civil and military authorities, CISOR participates in the construction of a international system of defense, with our partners in other regions, which will safeguard freedom in the world.

The fundamental aim of the CISOR is to perpetuate the important role of the NCO while recognizing their merits:

  • CISOR participates in the development of an international reservist status that is common to all countries
  • CISOR encourages the improvement of military knowledge and skills of all its members in order to maintain and durably develop the spirit of defense and security
  • CISOR contributes to the maintenance of traditional NCO values by regularly honoring the memory of those who have sacrificed their lives in defending these values
  • CISOR puts into use all the means at its disposal to disseminate a positive image of the reserve non-commissioned officer. Notably, it may publish books, periodicals, films, CD-ROM/DVD, etc., designed to inform the public

In addition, CISOR organizes each year on an alternating basis the following events:

A prestigious congress allowing for friendly exchange between the member national associations that make up the CISOR, held on even years. The congress serves to promote and to debate in seminar the themes relating to defense and security, improvement of relations between the armed forces and the civil societies.

Military Days organized in the form of competitions, designed to develop the military and sports skills of its members. These are held on odd years.

When possible, the national NCO associations of CISOR may invite other NCO associations and members to their congresses, competitions, seminars, exercises, training courses and meetings.

CISOR absolutely forbids its members from taking positions relative to political, religious or personal issues. As well, CISOR forbids any improper criticism or polemic regarding the governmental or military authorities of any of the member nations.