AESOR was founded on 1st June 1963 in the navy base of Toulon (France) with the ratification of the then representatives of the NCOs of Belgium, Luxembourg, German Federal Republic, Switzerland and France. Original charter here

This association changed its name the 22 February 2013 with the unanimously agreement of the 12 member countries. The new name is Confédération Interalliée des Sous-Officiers de Réserve - CISOR

Currently, the following nations are full members of CISOR:

  • Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and Slovenia.

The current Statute establishes that, together with civil and military authorities, international and national, CISOR contributes to the creation of an international defense system to safeguard freedom in the world. These are the purposes:

a)  To participate to the creation of an international common Reservists Statute.
b)  To boost the military improvement, theoretical and practical, of all members, in order to develop a constant defense and security spirit.

CISOR is composed of one Reserve NCOs Association per member nation, which, in order to obtain membership, had to present a Statute and internal regulation, together with the national certificate of their Ministry of Defense or General Staff of the Defense, as an introduction.