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3rd meeting of the Belgian presidency and Military Skills Competition in Säkylä

The CISOR Military Skills Competition 2019 started today at the Pori Brigade in Säkylä. The competition lasts from the 28th of June till the 29th of June. The first day featured obstacle course, pistol and riffle shooting, and orienteering.

During the competitions, a short Central Committee meeting was held and resulted in the approval of the United Kingdom as a full-standing member of CISOR.

2nd meeting of the Belgian presidency in Hannover

[en] The second meeting of the Belgian presidency took place on the 8th to 10th of February 2019 in Germany at the Military Police Academy in Hanover. The meeting also featured a daytrip to the Munster to visit the Armored Museum and hold that day's sessions at the officers' club of the Armored Brigade. This meeting marked the acceptance of Canada and Estonia as full-standing members of CISOR.

[fr] La seconde réunion de la présidence belge s'est tenue du 8 au 10 février 2019 en Allemagne à l'Académie de la police militaire à Hanovre. La réunion a également inclut une randonnée à Munster pour visiter le Musée des blindés et tenir les séances de la journée au club des officiers de la Brigade blindée. Cette réunion fut marquée par l'acceptation du Canada et de l'Estonie comme membres à part entière de CISOR.

Photos: Martin-Éric Racine


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